Sunday, September 16, 2007

you know?

You know how you get home late from a party or something after being tired all day and you fall right into sleep. You could hardly get all of your party clothes off and your sleep clothes on before you're laying in the bed. And you look at the clock. Shit! 1:45am. You have an early morning. You sleep hard and as the sleep is feeling good to you. You're warm. You're in the groove. Nothing else in that moment matters except that sleep you're getting right then. And the alarm wakes you up. 5:35am. Fuck! Gotta go to work. You ignore it for a minute (or so you think) and you roll over and it is 6:01am and you're calling frantically for a cab. You're 20 minutes late for work and life is crazy conflama around you, but you don't care because all you can think about it getting back in that bed to that sleep.

Ya know?

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