Friday, September 14, 2007

Tumbling down...

In the middle of my illness,on Friday, I thought I'd give my fingers a little exercise and text Afroman. Oh, I'm visiting Alfred for the weekend. Great. When are you leaving? 1:45pm. It was 12:30. "Thanks for telling me," I thought...and then I felt guilty. because I felt as though he didn't owe me an explanation. But..we are lovers? We are friends? Aren't there some ties? Later on-ThurSDAY- still in the thick of my sickness....I still hadn't really spoken to Afroman. I kinda left it alone because when him and upstate are involved, its a lot.

He's in Buffalo.

With her.

He has a job.

He's staying a while.

All so fuckin perfect and tragic, and strangely foreseen...hmm....(i was going to linksome old entries about AM but when I reread some of the things I wrote, I just felt

But, wow...we're back here again.


giulia said...

Hi!!Nice to meet you!
I'm not an English girl, but I like English and all his word very much...Bye!kiss=D

Juicy said...
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