Saturday, September 15, 2007

Gypsy's Home *kinda*

None of you mentioned that you hated me for throwing the cat out the window.


Gypsy came home again. This time, I was in the bed sick and BestFriend saw her. BestFriend is a complete sucker for anything furry that looks helpless and brought her upstairs. She was like "How could you do this to her?" Meanwhile, the cat is looking in every room, trying to sniff out any trace of herself I guess. I didn't miss her. I told BF, I couldn't take her. So, we packed her up in the carrying box I took her home in, she went home with BF for the night and went back to the animal shelter the next day.

Do you know they have the nerve to charge me a fee for bringing her back! Ugh! So, I guess that issue's all sewn up.

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