Monday, September 24, 2007

Funkier than a mosquito's peeter

the title has nothing to do with the post, but it's my new fave nina simone song.

i'm so freakin excited, even if my punctuation doesn't show it. i didn't feel like typing like a regular see if i could do a whole post without being neurotic about things like capital letters...

anywho! even though my sidekick is toast, i had wonderful day. twin and i hit the fabric district for some inspiration for my ball costume. i had to talk twin into getting this particular fabric. he wants me to do more color, but i can't help that its an ovah black material. he didn't see my vision until he made the complete dress. but, it's goooorgeous! i'm so in love with it. i wish i could wear it around the house with a lil apron on like suzy mofo sunshine. i'm trying to get the girls together for a production which seems to be the hardest thing. plus, i don't have patience. in my former house, i worked alone. if i wanted something, i went out and got it done myself. this new house works differently. its great, but i have to adjust to not being the rhinestone cowboy anymore and to having another sister that competes in the same category as me. sharing the limelight and making decisions together is sooo taxing. the end of the day, i'm happy...i know my shit will be on point.

other than that, today started off really dismal and its ended with me being tired, happy, and looking forward to something interesting being on my dvr.

and with that mates, goodnight.


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