Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Goodbye my Lover, babies, and body pains

I'm still furious over the Afroman debacle. It was just so sudden and I'm not used to turning over and him being there. I miss him. I kinda need him now to give me that full body massage he's been promising. I didn't realize how fragile the body is or maybe I didn't realize how sick I was. Walking, changing my bedsheets, doing laundry - everything is like a workout. My muscles are waking up and it is quite unpleasant at times. My legs are getting the brunt of the pain. I walk a lot.
Yesterday, Twin and I walked from Downtown Brooklyn to his Carroll Gardens apartment. We had to take breaks because my body was not having
an easy go of it. Back to the subject at hand -Afroman is not going to be home for a while. A while could mean two years, maybe three. Unless, I get it together to visit; which I'm partial to because he's living with his ex and I know they're together like man and wife (in all important ways) - I won't be seeing him for a minute. I guess its time for me to get over it and find a boyfriend or some male distraction.
That shouldn't be too hard right?

Snippet of a conversation bet me n twin:
T: my lesbian friend wants to have a baby with me
Me: awwww...that's cute. Wait! Ewww...the natural way?
T: yea...I'm not spending 15k on insemination or fertilization treatments. You know how many bags and shoes that is.
Me: .....
T: I don't think I could have a baby with her. She's a mess.
Me: I love you but I don't think I could have a baby with you. I'd be afraid to have the baby a certain way or the baby bag looking a certain way. I'd second guess everything. Plus, you're controlling. Sheesh
T: Yea. My ex called me anal-retentive
Me: that's putting it midly.
Me: So, its settled. No baby with crazy lesbians and no baby with chunky good friends either.
T: pretty much.I'm on my way home from Twin's house to go to my stinky house to dolaundry, clean my refrigerator, take out the garbage and vacuum.

Good times.

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