Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I'm probably going to hell for this....

but, I couldn't help it. I love living alone. It's just me being whatever I choose to be at the moment I choose to be it.

Best Friend invited herself over today at arond 5pm. I was in the middle of my closet conversion. Putting the summer dresses away (even though I can still wear them...its hot outside) and breaking out the fall/winter gear. It's my season-change ritual, a time to reflect and wish-list in my head. I wanted to finish that, make dinner, watch NCIS, Cane, and Cold Case with a Mint Julep mask on my face, write a little, listen to some Coltrane and make it a night. Best Friend disrupted all of that. She told me for the millionth time how much she hates her boyfriend and his mother and wah wah wah wah wah wah.

I'm sorry.

I am everyone's Dr. Phil. I listen and listen and listen. I was out of patience. I told her. Look, you're not happy. He's cheating on you - that's apparent. Do something about it. Look at this. This is the choice you're making - to not be happy and continue this relationship that's dead. She looked like I slapped her. I've never been so blunt with her about how I feel about her boyfriend. (hello passive aggressiveness) But, she took it and she looked up flights to Las Vegas (where the boyfriend and her stuff are) and a way to ship her things back to NY. She started talking about how she was going to end it. So, I guess what I said worked.

At 7, I made dinner. We ate, watching CSI. I was annoyed at her. I didnt want her in my space anymore. She's been annoying me for a few days now. Its a number of things, but I just wanted her to go home. It's one thing to kick Afroman out but another thing to kick your best friend of 9 years, who nursed me back to health when I was sick out of my house. So, I told her I was going to sleep, laid in the bed for 1/2 hr before she left.

I feel guilty. I should've just told her I wanted my space. But, feigning sleepiness is easier or is it?

Every action has a reaction, but sitting here, typing this with my Mint Julep mask, watching NCIS on dvr...it seems worth it..let's just hope she doesn't find the link to this blog...

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