Monday, February 9, 2009


Ok, the day started off well.

Quick Weekend-Wrapup.

I met with Monie for breakfast. Monie's adorable and oh so nice!! I love you, girl!

I picked up the puppy on Saturday. While I'm getting ready for my bday dinner, Saturday night, I get a text from Carolyn - the puppy seller.

"My son has been crying hysterically. He wants the puppy back. I
don't know what to say to him."

I say:

"I would say that you gave him away because you couldn't
devote the time to him. He has a good home with lots of love and attention."

She said:

"Ok, I'll give it a few days. Thank you."

Monie said, I'm a mommy now. He woke me up at 6:30. I walked him. Had a job interview. It went well, despite me wearing no make-up and trying to stifle yawns and chills at the same time.

I'm feeling good about myself because it's the first time in a while I'm wearing dress clothes to work.

I get an e-mail from Carolyn (yes, this is her real name...)

I have a bit of dilemma right now. My son has not stopped crying and has
taken it a bit further. He was even able to go to school today making himself
sick. I wanted to see how he does for a couple of days but it appears he's
getting sick over Sam being away. I'm afraid I'm going to have to get Sam back
until further notice. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused but I
just cant bear to have my son sick over this. We have discussed placing Sam for
a long time and decided it was the best thing for him but I guess children feel
it even more. I will returned your money obviously and you may keep the carrier
for the dog you will soon find. I am happy to forward to you the network where I
purchased Sam from. A breeders network in Pennsylvania and they do not charge
too much. I paid a total of $350 including delivery for Sam and he came with all
shots and wormers.
Again I'm so sorry for any inconvenience caused, I feel
like I've wasted everyone's time here, I understand if you're mad to point of
wanted to say a few words to me but once you're a parent you can understand how
heartbreaking it is when you take something from a child that they love so
Pls advise your thoughts and comments on this and let me know when I
can get Sam.
Here's the website for finding the puppy and also they have
smaller breeds and there's no screening so everyone is qualified:

What can I say to that? I agreed to give her the dog back.
Right after that,

I check my balance...I'm in the negative $239. What??? I have 2 accounts, one
for bills, one for play. This is the bills account..What??? I just deposited
$500 in on Friday. And I transfered $100 in there today to save. I call.

the money you deposited was put in like a check, so it will take 7 - 10 business
days to clear. "

"Well, it was put in wrong. It should've been put in as
cash. I gave them cash."

"Oh, let me call the branch to verify."

I'm puton hold for 5 minutes. Someone else picks up. I'm PISSED. Why? Because I have to pay my phone bill!!!! Which is the point of having an account strictly for bills... Arrgh...

Fucking annoyed.


apricot tea. said...

Wow, I'm just speechless!

I don't know if I could give a dog back, after I pretty much warmed him up as mine. You are a great person; I think I would have told the lady No, & that her son needs to get over it.

Again, wow. You're a great person.

Chris said...

That is some bs...on both parts. I would be so annoyed about the dog...and I'd hope that I would have the kind heart to give the dog back...I'd be so pissed at the bank too...I am so sorry.

Monie said...


After physically being able to see how excited you were about this puppy (and apparently babies named Sam as well LOL) I am so hurt for you. This lady is wack as hell! So she would rather have the dog suffer by having an owner that can't care for him rather than making her son man up...?! Maybe it's because I'm not a mother but I don't get it.

*hugs* Will you be searching for another little one?

Liz said...

i would have kept the puppy... and i am a softie but i love the dogs and i wouldn't have even responded to the lady. she would have been beat.

that sucks about the bank... torture.

Just Me said...
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Trish said...

I agree with everyone else. I have a dog and I couldn't have seen giving her back to where I got her from. She should take it as an L because I would have said no. He's a kid, he'll get over it.

JaeSpenc said...

Ugh-- I hate banks... seriously. Mine has done this as well.. completely screwed my account... and tried to act like it was my fault only to see that there was an error in the proofing dept... (I DON'T GIVVE A FREAK about the proofing dept!)

... about the dog... This lady should have been more prepared (with her child) to get rid of the pooch. She should have had someone take him out for the day... and then gave you the puppy...

Try to divert his attn... I'm so sorry and hope that you find a puppy that you love..

E said...

well that sucks. he's a cutie, too. sorry about ur puppy and ur bank account. that was nice of u to agree to give the dog back, tho. good luck with that interview, i hope u get that job.

Young woman on a journey said...

i'm sorry babe! that sucks

neemie said...

i wouldn't have given the puppy back. once cash exchanged hands, she gave up all rights to the pooch.

it sucks, but i'm sure that you'll find another dog. visit a shelter. there are plenty of cute dogs there who need homes.