Thursday, February 26, 2009


*live from the middle stall in the bathroom at my temp job*

A few things:

At my previous full-time, they cut pay an additional 10%. Good thing I got this job when I did, hunh?

My bff asked to move in with me for a few weeks. They're renovating her apartment. I told her yes (of course) but like, don't be upset when I'm never home and am cranky all the time. I hope she doesn't think it'll be like sleepovers every night. Bah! Lol

I think I might try Bikram yoga in the near in 2 weeks...

I want to change up my hair. Keep it short but something.....else...hmmmm

The weirdest guy was just staring at me in McDonald's...smiling, trying to talk to me...shit! Let me eat in peace?

I may have a dude to go to a museum with in a "non-dating situation". Yay!

And yes, I still want to stab the chick that sits on the other side of the cube next to me at the temp job

*fake flush*

Later dolls!
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Liz said...

stab her with straws... lol

Monie said...

My comment vanished. What in the craptastic hell???

JaeSpenc said...

Good luck on the new haircut! I would say let us see... lmao but I forgot this was an anonymous blog... maybe you could like erase your face out of the pic so we don't know who you are :)

Tell us the interesting things that your other blog girl says! I wanna kno-- I'm juhst nosey like dat... lol

My sis has a REALLY GOOD job making ALMOST 6 figures... she's in management. and they told them they have to take a 10% paycut... WHAT?! Her boss has to take 15% and HIS boss has to take 20%...
Bananas! This econ is SCURRY!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

not what i had in mind when i read quickie lol
have a great weekend