Wednesday, February 25, 2009


i know you guys don't read my blog to just read how i'm sad or tired.

i figure i will learn there are depths to tired. there's a level of tired behind tired that i will reach and then blog about it.

until. you. kill. me.

hopefully, not literally.

i always wonder what will happen to this blog if suddenly, i you know, kicked the bucket. the problem with a top secret blog is that it's top secret. i know the other blog would go on...swagg's a control freak on a tight leash..but he would keep that blog up "in my honor" ha!

morbid, i know.

i guess since i do have a few blogger's numbers in my phone (si, yo soy especial) ((yes, i just went bi-lingual on your candy asses...), i would hope my mom or bff would have the gumption to go through my phone to call all my friends or send a mass text that i've died.

imagine, a mass text.


but, yes..i am

so exhausted, i have a headache...literally.

and i've been wrecking my brain to figure out what to look forward to on friday because i need something to get me through the week. i think the thing i'm looking forward to is looking forward to doing something on friday.

my non-driver's license is expired. i have to go to the dmv or soon, as in next week, i won't be able to cash my checks. i have to go on friday. so, i'm excited to leave work 2 hrs early to wait at the dmv FOR.EV.ER because i really really really need to change my picture. i was 13 and my smile is weird and my mom did my hair that dad..i look like it was the 80s....


not much else is going on...especially the scrabble games...TRISH. *ahem* DAMON *ahem*

oh, did i mention, how i wish i had more money...oh wells....


Young woman on a journey said...

um. this was morbid. damn. got me feeling some kinda way. but i can definitely say that the blog world wouldn't be the same, especially not for me.

Laura said...

maaaaan... you're blog is getting sad.. you haven't had a happy post in like... A looooong time. So I have this to say, when times get tough I try to find contentment in things that are not directly related to me. Liiiiiiike, a nice day, or people watching oooor a really good book ooooooor looking after a kid etc. Bc if I think about me, or spend money on me, that's just going to make it worse!


Also a little philisophical morbidity isn't a bad thing now and then, it makes life seem sweeter.

Liz said...

mass text is ridiculous... sorry. i did chuckle at that. but on the reals... get that dayum id straight so we can get a drink on sunday... thanks! uhm... i had something else to say... what was it.

oh yes... scrabble. you know i am the only one that be on top of it! LOL! i want in on the next game.