Thursday, February 19, 2009

First Day at the New Gig

Today was the first day..and I feel ok.

I woke up at 6:30am, after dreaming that I was in London dealing with a shady dude. We moved in together and I was redecorating. I remember pulling up tile and having pepsi fall out of the cracks...I felt bad that I was in love with a white dude, so the more we were together, the more his skin changed til he ended up looking like Djimon. lol

The temp agency said minimal make-up, dark colors.

Have they met me??

what does minimal make-up even mean????

I winged it...eye-liner, dash of blush, nude lipstick. I walk out my door at the same time my mom does.

"You know what, Nina, you are such a pretty girl."


My mother NEVER compliments

I get to the job 45 minutes early..(kinda felt like Chris with being paranoid I was gonna be late.) I kinda got lost because the Columbus Circle area is really a circle and i just wanna cut through...but I kept spinning right round baby, right round like a

I get there...the day was moderate..not long not short, just me calling people asking for my money, biatch! lol

The temp agency also says they will fire me if they catch me on the internet for personal use or on my phone too often. I believe them. My supervisor is NEVER on the internet. he's really oppressed.

I get spotty reception anyway.

(but the chick next to me is so obnoxious. she takes multiple personal calls all day - very loudly. why do i know she's going to bendel's today, has a puppy named webster. her friend bought the same puppy and her mother is in love with him. it was quiet until she exclaimed, I LOVE bitch, you for tourette's? )

Nothing spectacular happened except at the end of the day, my supervisor was like, "Wow. I'm really impressed. You know your stuff."


I'm at job # 2, fighting the urge to hit someone. I'm tired and tense in the shoulder area. lol

I realized, I really dont like people. Co-workers. Customers...but, I dont care because I'm on my grind. I have plans for this money, honey...


JaeSpenc said...

Wow... that's so funny. Your obnoxious cube mate didn't try to talk to you?!

New jobs are always awkward... temp or not... :)

Solomon said...

You'll get used to everything there, including Ms. Tourette's lol, and if you're already in with the super... Hey, maybe there's a permenant position in your future.

Young woman on a journey said...

congrats on your first day! you'll get used to it as the days go by.

Jane said...

OH my goodness I thought I was the only one who sits next to someone full of nonesense at work! The man that sits behinds me spends the entire work day selling concert tickets and talking to the IRS.....mind you I work for a pharmceutical company.

miss halimah. said...

i swear i catch an instant attitude at the thought of "no internet." lol as if they don't have the right to prohibit internet.


E said...

go nina, go nina. congrats on the new jobby. lol @ i love lollies.