Monday, February 16, 2009

Weekend Recap

So, I hate doing "weekend recaps" lol

Friday, I played hookey from work to go to Philly with hopes of flexing my make-up artist muscle, make some faces pretty, go to a ball, and have some fun.

I got there at 2:30pm and actually got to see the better parts of Philly. I can admit, it had a bad rep in my mind. Downtown Philly or Center City is kind of nice. Its a mix of Downtown Brooklyn with a slight Manhattan feel.

One thing I will say, ummm....why aren't your trains labeled? Like, at downtown or uptown side or train name...

Liz told me no one takes the train, but still...

My friend lives in North Philly and he failed to mention it until I got there that its a rough neighborhood. Someone gets shot almost everyday across the street from where he lives. Que!?!

I wasn't worried but yea...something you might want to mention...

I think the best part of the trip was meeting Liz and Chris who, despite thinking I was an old lady at first, are oh so adorable! I want to squeeze both of them! I think you guys should adopt They're funny, full of stories, and seem like they've been married 30 years already. Instant-comfort which is cool because I'm shy. (Weird but true)

The rest of Friday night was a mix of aggravation and other unsavory emotions because when I came back from meeting Chris and Liz, which was only like an hour, the people whose make-up I was supposed to be doing had already had it done by someone else.

Funny fact: when a woman who spends her time with gay men sees another woman who spends a lot of time with gay men, she feels competitive for some reason. I will say I wanted to smack fire out of this chick who just had to prove to me she knew more about make-up, had higher heels, more money...was just better.

Funny fact about me: I don't care. If you're better than me, great! I will try to learn from you. But don't hype yourself up just to put color 1 next to color 2, no blending, not even a liquid line and you still have to come to me to put on the lashes! (But, I'm not bitter...)

As for the ball....boooooo!

Every ball in Philly is always cold. I left on the first bus I could which was delayed because someone felt the need to put make-up when they didn't even wash their ass.

I got home Saturday and watched movies on the couch between eating and napping. Lovely.

Sunday, I started to clean a bit in between putting my make-up in the giganto case my friends got me for my birthday and cruising online personals....I got a call from the friend I stayed with. He said the girl loved me! that I seemed like I would be the same person no matter who I was around. I chuckled. I had a heart to heart with another friend and admitted that I haven't been feeling myself lately. He said he could feel the difference in me and hoped I would break out of it.

I think I may be on my way....

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Liz said...

you are the cutest!! but i know you weren't that old lady! and we'll adopt you! but you will have chores.. and lots of them! ha!

Young woman on a journey said...

aww. sounds like fun (for the most part). Still hoping you'll feel better soon. but just go with the flow. it happens to everyone

E said...

not even gonna act like im not hurt... lol, just kidding.

Chris said...

It was really dope to hang out with you...even though a cop was shot that night like, three blocks was an interesting night to say the least.