Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I've got financial stress on my chest. Its like an overwhelming pressure just looming. Literally a pain in my chest.

I thought my other student loan would only be $75 per month. NOOOOOO....

We would need 1% of the loan then we can do 10% of that every month.. $1000 down, $100 a month.


Do you have anyone that can lend it to you?

(See last post, lady)

Ok...$150 every pay period til June.
Then we can go down to $100 per month.

The alternative would be wage garnishment.


Sign me up.

So...that $175 on a credit card, $150 every 2 weeks, $85 every month on another student loan + rent, food, utilities...and I wanted cable this year - ha!

The wedges I'm wearing are an inch high. I almost fell 2x in them in less than 5 minutes after that conversation. This from a girl who teeter tottered, slightly inebriated all night in 5 inch heels....hopefully its not a sign
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MISS BEE said...

DAMN I know how you feel. I have to start paying on my student loan again, next month, its been in deferrment for hellas now. But keep ya head up, you'll be a'ight

JaeSpenc said...

Wow...yeah that sucks... It's cool that they were willing to work w/ you though :)

E said...

ugh i was feeling like that the other day. my phone was about to get cut off, my student loan payments start 3/9, i have credit card debt... its crazy. hang in there.