Friday, July 31, 2009

All This For an Average N-Word

I've really been playing myself. Pining after dudes that don't really DO IT for me. All in the name of not being lonely.

What in the heezy am I thinking?

Shabba didn't call me back when he got home from Atlanta. I decided to call him yesterday. It should've been a light bulb moment when I was surprised he answered. He was out at Target with his mom picking up gifts for his nephew's birthday. I said I wanted to hang out today. He told me it would have to be today because he's going to Philly on Saturday.

Cool. I was going to work. We said someone would call each other later. I got home from work round 10:30. I called him. No answer. This morning I text(ed) him and told him to hit me up if he still wanted to hang out.

I got called in to work early. I'm not holding my breath for him to call, text, smoke signal me. If he does, he does but seriously, I need to faaaallllllll back. I have a tendency to go hard. Usually the person is not even worth it. So, really until whomever comes along and they prove to me that they are by umm--- putting some effort in, then I'm not troubling myself. This goes for friendships and business partnerships, too. Hmph!

I told Twin about the situation, he was like...maybe he's just not that into me.

He's got a point there....
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