Monday, July 6, 2009

I'm Going to End Up Alone Eating Cat Food

I do this.

I push people away.

If I feel you're too clingy, I get suffocated and I

I love Gi to death. I do...she's a god friend. She's there when I need her BUT she has to text/talk to me every day.

I understand...we used to work together and see each other everyday but sheesh! Its been 6 months and she's not used to me NOT being there.

Its too much sometimes. She texts, she comments on my fb status no matter what it is! She leaves me wall messages saying "I miss you" and oh em gee! Let a sista breeeaaavvveeee! Lol. I just keep thinking...thank God she's not on twitter.

I understand how men feel with women like her. It becomes like a full time job honestly.

Neediness. *shudders*

I know its all about balance but I feel like everyone wants a piece of me at times. when do I get to just relax without text messages going, e-mails coming in, the phone ringing....

Or maybe I forfeited that when I decided to be a freelancer/entrepreneur.

Or maybe I've never outgrown the habit of being a loner. Me and bff have gone weeks without communication living 15 minutes away from each other. I've been spending a lot more time with her because we both need wingmen when we go out. It doesn't mean that we don't love each other or we're not real friends.

It means we're busy.

Gi needs a hobby. I told her this. She didn't get where I was going really.

Like YW said, we all have things to fill our lives so we don't get lonely.
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Solomon said...

Some people are just needy!

Trish said...

I feel like this sometimes too. It's like give me a bit of space. I don't see anything wrong with alone time, she'll get the hint eventually.