Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hmmmmm 2

And he's not there and I am PISSED.

I am starving and tired. I want Checker's, bff invited me to eat with her parents and I decline. I decide to stay close to where I was to eat. I get pizza.

10 mins later, a # I don't recognize calls me. I pick up. Its DK. Apologizing profusely, he convinces me to let him meet me and salvage some type of "date." We go back to the open mic night where he sings and plays guitar.

He's good.

We leave and decide to chill in the sunshine. He's not working and I kind of feel bad, letting him spend any money on me. We decide to go to the pier. He'd never been to the West Village. It was interesting for him because there were a lot of people running with no shirts on. He was like..why the gotta be shirtless? He also said that people that run and work out a lot are putting undue stress on their body and the result of the stress is the ab muscles and things like that and if we ate everything in moderation and in proper proportions, we would be how we're supposed to be naturally. Some people are naturally big. Be big. Some people are naturally small. Be small.

He did most of the talking. For some reason, he felt really open with me and I felt guarded. I smiled and nodded but it was like Fort Knox getting me to reveal anything.

He said he didn't have time for a relationship but he liked spending time with me and he thinks I'm really attractive. Most of his past dealings have been friends with benefits.

He asked me...when was my last relationship. I told him January.

He looked shocked.

He asked me what was wrong with that situation.

I told him that he didn't think that I should spend any moment awake and not at work without him. He laughed and asked me if dinner was on the table every night and breakfast every morning. I said not every time but like..75%.

He guffawed and said:
Do you know who you are? Why should you conform to the stereotypical role of a woman? How dare anyone ask you to cook for them and do those things. You're too beautiful to be any man's housewife.

I was shocked.
I was like...I'm old-fashioned in a lot of ways. No one made me do those things. I wanted to do it. Don't you crave a home-cooked meal every now and again?

He was silent for a beat then he asked if I was trying to use him as a replacement for dude.

No. I don't think this is going to work between us. We're both busy and I've been celibate since that last relationship. I'm pretty sure I'm going to remain so until marriage.

He looked me in my eyes. You're so beautiful, he said.

Uh...thanks...I looked away. Sing me a song, please.

He took out his guitar. It was blue and cream. He sang a song about atheism.

If that's not comedy. I don't know what is! He explained that he doesn't agree with any organized form of religion. How Christians and Catholics are borderline schizophrenics for believing that God is 3 people in one and he went on.

I didn't say anything. Honestly, I didn't feel up for a debate. All I said was wow...

He went sing Sunday Morning by No Doubt (I mentioned I liked that song point for that), Spiders by Coldplay, another No Doubt song...

(By this time I'm like...okay enough..) I said, you've been singing all should relax your voice.

He was like...oh I'm fine.

He sang a song about God. It was called Bittersweet Remorse that he wrote himself. He explained that it is about how no matter how hard you run from God and believing, you have no choice.

Ummm, ok.

Then, he sang Yellow by Coldplay.

Now....that song is hella romantic....He killed it but it made me uncomfortable because random people were giving us thumbs up and this lady was guys are so cute!

Hmmmm, yea! Lol

He finished. He said that if I never call him again, he's around people trying to produce albums. He could get me a gig. We could use each other for networking. I agreed.

After that, he wanted to get something to eat. I said I'd eaten already. He wanted to get Starbucks. I declined.

I said...I just wanted to go home. I was tired.

Idk what to say, it was an interesting evening...
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Trish said...

That was....different. So does he believe in God or is he an atheist? I'm confused. I personally wouldn't even consider a relationship with someone who wasn't a believer, especially since you're trying to get your life in order...but maybe I'm reading too much into it.

Nina said...

lol, yea you're right...he's confused all around...i need someone who is of strong character and faith.

Jane said...

Nina....I gotta back track and find out what's been going on with you....I been MIA for too long!