Wednesday, July 22, 2009


You would think that with me being under-employed, I would have more time but um...I don't really. Most of my time is now devoted to pursuing m passion,bringing my business ventures to fruition and stifling the debilitating fear that overcomes me.

This weekend was very different from the past ones.

Friday, after fake smiles and hugs from the NPR staff, I rushed home to change to go to the memorial service for my high school principal. He was looooved! I go the number of this dude I had a crush on in high school. Yowza! Lol. Idk why I still like him...maybe because he's comfortable. After, we had pizza at bff's house with some friends I hadn't seen in 6 years. Left late and crashed at home after tripping down bff's stairs. I really need to work on being less clumsy.

Saturday, I wallowed in self-pity for most of the day after the champagne flutes I bought for the make-up party came in the mail. I went and got a hair cut, came home...more self-pity. It was really sick. As hard as I tried, I couldn't get to sleep. I kept tossing and turning and I kept visualizing a man in all black searching my apartment to kill me. Creepy.

Sunday, after maybe 4 hours of sleep, I painted myself beautiful to go to church. I asked CiCi, my editor in chief of the magazine I'm beauty editor for to go to church with me. She enjoyed it. I raced home, changed clothes and went on a date.

On June 25th, I cut my hair off, went to the first event for full-figured fashion week and on my way home, was feeling so foxy and sexy that I gave my card to this musician I met on the train, enter DK, for Don King as in his hair kind of resembles DK.

DK is....a classique! Lol

He has no charm. He says exactly what he thinks which is great. I'm all for the anti-sugar coat but....there's a difference in saying...
"Hey, no pressure. Whenever you're available, let's hang out..."


"Yo, the ball's in your court."

Ummm...the ball's in my court? I know me. Maybe I analyze everything too much but...I thought that was kind of rude. Like...word?

Moving along....we had a date on Wednesday which he cancelled in order to "chase money" as he said it and he invited me to an open mic evening at a bar in the West Village I'd never heard of before.

He text(ed) me on Saturday at like 6am, to meet him there. It was from 3-5.

I'm running late and I sent him a quick text at 2:30 saying so.

I get up and am there by 3:05(uh yea, usually, I'm super punctual..) and no text, no show!

I call him and his phone is going straight to voicemail.

Fine. I think...maybe he's on the train.

Btw, the bar is empty.

Btw, btw ...I feel like a heathen, leaving church to go to a bar...


Anywhosies, I call him and leave a message...if you're not here by 4, I'm out. Which, I thought was very liberal of me. More liberal than I am usually.

4 o'clock comes and.....

To be continued, lol
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~Butterfly~ said...

lool, no fair! 4 o'clock AND???!

Trish said...

What in the world?!! Finish the story Nina! LOL!

Young woman on a journey said...

um...stop playing with my emotions...what happened?