Wednesday, July 15, 2009

i need to tell you all...all the pain he's caused....

as i'm writing this, i'm reading blogs and listening to lauryn hill's "peace of mind" song...

i love that song...

i've always had the question:

can you feel your own mind unraveling?

that question scares me above all. as far as i know, mental illness does not run in my family, although all 3 of my parents are crazy as hell. (lol)

a friend of a friend that i know...he's got everything any young man would want.
he's smart. he's about to be dual-degreed at the age of 21. he's a kappa...(and you know how i feel about he's good-looking, charming, funny, and he just walked away from a good job to pursue a deeper meaning of life. his spirituality is beautiful. his family is well-off and he grew up in a loving home like the huxtables with less kids.

last year...he had a nervous breakdown.

he got treatment. everyone thought he was fine.

monday night, he got into a bad car-crash. he basically crashed his car into a building with scaffolding...the scaffolding fell on the hood. my bff said it looked like someone peeled off the top of the car.

he walked away without a scratch, saying that he felt like he was Jesus and his friend who was in the passenger seat was satan. he was trying to heal her by showing her he could fly.

he's been arrested and we're waiting to see what is to become of it...pray for him ya'll..this is serious!


Young woman on a journey said...

OMG. that is so...i don't even have words to describe. how is the passenger? i hope both your friend and the passenger find piece.

while i don't have a strong history of mental illness in my family, there are some instances. and it scares the crap out of me. like what does it take for all of the pieces to fall apart? i try not to let myself get too stressed and when i feel down, i try not to fight it too hard. i just don't know what it takes to not break down and it seems like any little thing can be the cause.

neemie said...

i'm quite sure that has been dealing with a mental illness for a while now. you don't just break down all of a sudden and have a nervous breakdown. it's gradual and often the people who love him the most are usually the last to admit it aloud.