Monday, July 6, 2009

Having a Child = Bankruptcy + Never Too Old to Poo on Yourself +Fireworks + Back Issues

This weekend was not reeeaaally the relaxed one I was hoping for. Thursday, I ditched the second job to go galavanting around Brooklyn in search for some oils for my facial scrubs. I got lucky and bought some lime oil which was supposed to be a hint of in my strawberry mojito scrub. I put a little too much of it in there and I wasn't going to waste the batch so I'm trying to figure out a new name...

Friday, I had a business meeting at noon. I'm slated to work with a plus-sized fashion magazine as the beauty editor. I'm excited but scared witless...its a start-up so I'm hoping it will get off the ground.
After that, the rain was touch and go. We were supposed to go to Coney Island but we decided against, opting instead, to go to Checkers and then bowling at Harlem Lanes.

Yay! Checkers, my favorite NJ eatery is downtown Brooklyn. It was delicious. 2 meals $10.

The outside of Harlem Lanes looks iffy but the inside is really nice. We played two games...which I kinda sucked at...I'm rusty.

Okay...let me say this. My godsis is a really good kid. She's 15. She's not boy crazy. She doesn't try to wear anything inappropriate. She's a good egg. But...she has no money. Her mother isn't working. My mom was strapped for cash this weekend. So, the burden was on me. Its so much money that goes into another being. Basic necessities: transportation (Darn you MTA for the $2.25 fare now), was a lot.

Anyway, afterwards, we went to sign the MJ wall at the Apollo...

My friend was having a game night in Newark, NJ and J was supposed to take us but he only had 2 seats and it was 3 of us - me, godsis, and bff. So, we decided to go on an adventure and take the PATH train there. So, we pay our fare and are waiting for the train when J calls me.

"Don't come. Its a bunch of old people. Not your crowd."

We were a wee bit disappointed but we left. My friend L is the only straight male friend I have. He's been with his girlfriend for 2 years. He wanted me to meet her at Junior's downtown Brooklyn. I told him we were leaving Manhattan. He said they were eating at Nathan's at Coney Island. I said okay..we'll give you some time but we dontwant to be waiting for you a long time. We decided to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.

As we're entering the bridge, godsis says that since we spent a lot of money on her that day, she would buy us some ice cream cones. 3 cones $11 (!!!!) I was like hmmm...I'm lactose-intolerant should I risk it? They were like you'll be fine!

It was beautiful. The weather was perfect. I'm usually deathly afraid of heights but it was cool. So..the walk across the bridge took us an hour. As we're about to get off...oh em gee! My stomach starts to cramp up and make goulish noises. I'm scared.

TMI alert. (Skip past this part if you're squeamish.)
So...all I feel is like I'm about to diarrhea on myself and nothing can stop it. I clench my cheeks together and stand really still. My stomach makes a noise like a defeated wounded animal. I was like...great that bought us 90 seconds!

Across from the Brooklyn entrance of the bridge is a diner. We race over there. I'm literally a puddle of sweat. BFF begs the waitress to let me use the bathroom. She's like...sure. If you're a customer. I'm 2 seconds from flinging her my debit card like...go to work. But, godsis and bff go to the counter and buy a water for $2.

I'm in the bathroom for 15 minutes praying every dairy product I've ever eaten is ou of my system and that no one knocks on the door.

I'm good. I leave a godsis looks at me eyes wide, like, do you have any insides left? Lol.

Our feet were hurting. We were exhausted but L my friend still wasn't ready yet. We talked to him at 8pm. It was 9:30. He said he was 10 minutes away. At 9:55 they still weren't there. We left. As godsis and I enter the bus, he calls...

We couldn't wait anymore. He sounded disappointed but oh well.
It was a FULL day.

To be continued...
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Trish said...

Nina I feel your pain. I love ice cream but lately it has not been my best friend either but I still eat it. I just take dealing with the stomach cramps, luckily I don't have the potty issue, lol! I hate places that don't have public restrooms, I could see if you were homeless and set up shop there but goodness gracious, let a person use the bathroom. Sounds like a fun day though.