Friday, July 3, 2009

Balance + This Weekend

I'm tired.

I want some alone time.

I really just want some QT with my TV, ice cream, and AJAX. Most times, cleaning relaxes me.

But nooooooooo....
I feel like everyone wants a piece of me.

BFF wants to hang out. She's in the house since she lost her job and misses human interaction.

Gi is lonely and wants to hang out.

My godsister wants to go out. She's here from South Carolina.

Its all so MUCH.

This morning my mom called me and asked me for $$ and to help her do something.

I gave it to her and helped her. Then she starts asking about my day. Then she's like, sounds like you have time to help me do this in between.

I got so pissed like...DON'T plan out MY day so I can help YOU.

Can't I have an hour, a day, a morning to myself? Sick of being ON all the time...someone is going to get left out this weekend and it won't be me!
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neemie said...

turn off your cell phone. i had this problem for years because my friends and family acted like they couldn't function without me.

i told everyone that i was taking some "me time" and turn off my cell phone.

my "me time" has lasted over a year now.

Trish said...

I am right there with you Nina!! Sometimes I just silence my phone and relax. Don't let them run you ragged.