Tuesday, June 30, 2009


My mom woke me up at 7:15am asking if I wanted a ride to the 9am service to church.

I wanted to cuss her. Lol. No! I turned over and went to sleep. My friend Kingsmomma was going to meet me at service at 11am. I swear...if it I weren't meeting her, I don't think I would've had the energy to make it to service.

When I woke up at 9:30, I was so drained! I threw on some clothes, did my make-up on the bus and got there just in time. The message was funny and engaging and informative. I loved the title: Men are from Dirt: Women are from Men. It basically talked about the different ways men and women communicate.

Why did I forget I cut my hair off and was wondering why people like my pastor(!!) whom I've known since I was 15, didn't recognize me..lol. My cousin loved it. He snapped a flick.

After church, I went home and fell out!!! My mom was preaching at 3:30. I took a nap and got up just as my family friend was pulling up to take me to see my mom. She preached the house down! Her message was Favor in the Time of Famine. Famine is not just a time where you're lacking food. You could be lacking emotionally or spiritually, financially...and how God uses us during this time to draw us closer to Him or to bring us to our destiny. She talked about how Joseph was sold by his brothers and how if he hadn't gone through that dark time, he wouldn't have ended up in a palace.

My niece and her cousin says they want to go home out of the blue. I was upset because clearly, I hadn't spent any time with them but I told them that I would take them out starting this weekend.

My mom was mad because they made it seem like they weren't having fun and it was her fault.
We got some Chinese food and went home where I was forced to watch the BET awards...booo!

I left after Beyonce performed..and her set was different but umm..off. Her voice was phenomenal.

You can see why I'm still catching up...
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