Tuesday, June 16, 2009


My friend met me at church. The topic was about sex. The biblical view. It was VERY interesting. I thought it would be you know the usual...you fornicate, you have sex outside your marriage, you're dirty and going to hell. It was NOTHING like that. I love my pastor. He was like sex is a hard topic because it is good. It is really good. Hahahahah....

Key things I took from it is that whenever you have sex with someone, you are becoming one flesh with them. You always take some of them with you and they take some of you with them. Immediately, I thought of all the men I slept with and how I can remember all the intimate moments between us. He touched on homosexuality and how it starts as a friendship. I thought about Jabara and how she wanted us to do lunch.

He also talked about how male pastors don't talk about lesbianism with the same fervor as they do man on man because lesbianism is an aphrodisiac for most men.

He also talked about how sin is sin and if he stepped out on his wife while the man next to him sleeps with men, they are both sinning and it is equal.

That we must all do the same thing which is flee from sexual immorality.

I said all of that because what did I do after that?

I got food, went home and took a nap and then.....went with my friend J...a gay man who is into women that look like men to a lesbian party!

He has a crush on the girl Jabara (who incidentally called him out of the blue on Friday for no reason) and she was going to this party for his mutual friend so we went. I'm his wing man for the summer.

So...we go and I'm not uncomfortable...I'm just aware of what I'm putting out as far as my vibe. I'm dancing and having fun. I looked so cute! I had on a white tank with a picture of 2 dogs that said kiss and make up. Some jeans that I cuffed and some purple peep-toe shoes on and a black clutch. Hot! Lol.

So, we get there. We see Jabara...she gives us hugs and she introduces me to this butch butch butch girl. This chick hugs me sooo tight. I was disgusted. Not because she's butch or whatever but it reminded me of a dude that's trying to feel you up. Mental note: Flee from her! Lol.

So, I was dancing around. I met some girls who were just chilling...started joking with them. Jabara comes over and introduces me to this girl - all legs, slim, really pretty...she looked like a model but she was interesting because she had the bridge of her nose pierced...you know ala Janet Jackson Velvet Rope...lol. Immediately, I knew...that was her girl.

"Omg, you're gorgeous!" I hugged her. Jabara seemed surprised.

"She's sweet."

I looked at J. He was looking at the girl like....hmmph!

We danced and walked around...for like 3 hours. My shoes were kinda tall so I was happy to go.

As I was leaving, Jabara comes up to me..."You don't love me...you don't call or write..."

I laughed.

"We're supposed to discuss life, remember?"

"I remember. Not sure if that's a good idea for more than one reason," I say. "Your girlfriend's hot," I laugh.

"Not my girlfriend," she says and winks at me,"my date."

She takes my hand wanting to dance. I dance for like 2 seconds.

The chick cuts in...

"I was just leaving." Jabara frowns.

J and I get in the car.

"You know that bitch was her fucking girlfriend!"

"No, her date for the night."

"Fuck that hoe."

"All she wants is attention, J"

"You're right...but fuck that bitch...her long-legged ass..."

"Jabara or the chick she was with?"


I laughed all the way home.
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Young woman on a journey said...

lmao.l so much so much. lol.

Trish said...

Very interesting night you had..

Solomon said...

Very interesting indeed!