Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekend ReCap


I was trying to keep it on the low but I was really down from like Thursday was like a cloud of doubt hovering over me.

Not cool.

So, I cancelled all my plans for the weekend and really just wanted to chill at home.

Friday, I made some scrubs. There were some trials and errors but I made on successfully. It smells like vanilla and cinnamon. I'm in between calling it Feisty or Tough Cookie. Please leave your votes in the comment box.

Thanks! Lol

Saturday, my plans were to eat ice cream, watch movies, and chill out til I could meet up with YW.

Around 7ish, BFF called me and practically begged me to go out with her and her friend C to our friend, the stockbroker's (SB) bday party. Last year, we went to SB's party and we were the only black people there. Moreover, it was really boring. So boring, bff got so drunk, we ended up with her head in a bag as she was puking her brains out. Ummm,yea...I didn't want to go. She was persistent. She reminded me of how I've had a crush on SB since 9th grade. (So!) She also told me it was my chance to meet Yael- her man-friend she's been talk to forever.

Ok fine. I relented.

I got dressed. Hated the outfit. Changed. Changed again. And again.


On to make-up. Which was a saga in itself. I really hated what I did

I was so upset and feeling off. I really just wanted to wash my face, put on sweats and go to bed.

I was running late by a half hour when YW called. I had to tell her I committed myself to something else which made me feel like mold. Before the summer is out, I have to make it to DC.

I get to BFF's house and....

To be continued (this post is too long)
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