Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend Recap Pt 1

So, yea Friday night, I bought some vanilla ice cream and a Pepsi home intending to write write write! I did as you could see on the last post but then I got hungry- lol. Ice cream and soda isn't really a balanced diet.So, me and my friend Mace (lol, pepper spray) decided to go get some Chinese food. I really do not like to leave my house after was 9:30 and I couldn't very well stay hungry.There was a dude let's call him TF (TouchyFeely) that I met the day after I got my finger smashed in the door. I was feeling down about my being maimed so I gave him my number. Big mistake! The problem with meeting people around the neighborhood is they always run into annoying because maybe I was still doped up on something or feeling sorry for myself but dude is NOT cute.

i'm walking down the street..who pops up trying to hug me...
i tried avoiding him but i couldn't. he was around his friends and they were like..oh son, she's trying to play you.
so, whatever he walks down the block with me..with his arm around my shoulder.
i move away...too familiar. i don't like that. don't touch me.
but i'm nice and i give him my number again. he's like, i want to take you out to the movies or something...i start laughing...
dude...catch the hint.
he doesn't so now i have to find a way to avoid him...that block or figure out if i want to mace him next time, lol.

to be continued..