Monday, June 8, 2009


Its the summertime, baby!

It seems the social calendar is booming! I'm so excited!

My friend had his gallery showing on Saturday....he's so talented!
I should drop $600 on him...I gotta ask him if he accepts payment

(that's not paint..that broken glass...the big hot!)
I met a girl there. I will call her Jabara. She's one of THE coolest chicks I've ever met...She's got all these tattoos and her style is just bananas. But...ummm....she's a lesbian and she thinks I'm beautiful and asked me more than once if I was into
She said she just had to make sure...and I don't think she would cross the line but she's intigruing. I still may forge a friendship with her. She works for Diesel and has her own styling company. So...its a connect. *shrug*

Sunday, it was 85 degrees and I was dressed like a harlot. Lol. My dress is really it ends an inch or two my butt.

...yea....unwanted attention but what do I expect?

I had a lovely time spending the day with Gi....we went to was terrible..but funny kind of terrible. We walked to the pier....we walked to a random bench....then we went to Maracas for dinner and went home....

Weekend was SUPERB!

What did you guys do??


Solomon said...

My weekend was supurb too!

I think it's going to be a great summer. What do you think Nina?

Glad you had a good time this weekend at the show.

Young woman on a journey said...

the art is lovely. sounds like a fun weekend