Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Saturday cont'd

So...we're all hanging out and the dancers are getting dressed. We all know each other on a cordial level. So, Twin goes to me and he says he's been wanting to grab this dude's crotch all day. He wonders if its real or not...

Being I'm a woman, I should grab it and tell him if its real.

I protest. I can't grab a penis. He's like stop being a punk...he'll let you. Its because everyone likes you and you know he doesn't want you...he's gay! Lol

So, I do it...and ummmmm....it was real. Lol

so...we all start taking pictures when Giselle..she's a well-known industry model decides she was going to have an impromptu photo shoot...the pictures were hot. Lol
It was like 2:30 by then. I told J I wanted to be home by midnight...yea right! There was all these parties going on and he wanted to see them. Mind you, I'd been in my heels since 4. My feet were yelping! Lol. Fine...

We go into the hip hop room...nothing but black dudes looking like we were at the Source after party. I was with Twin, a BLatino gay man...and J, a drag. Even though the dudes were gay, just didn't seem right. Especially after all the fights we'd seen that day, lol.

So, we went in the house room...omg. It looked like Queer as Folk...remember that show? a sea of white dudes dancing shirtless with glow sticks in their hands on pedestals! The bogo dancers were in sailor hats shirtless with white pants. It was fog everywhere. The female dancer had silver glitter covering their nipples. It was bananas.

(you can kinda see the sailor..the other pic is the entrance to the theatre/club)

We were watching from a balcony, out mouths agape because if never seen anything like that before...madness.

I finally convince J to leave. On our way home, she was like...you know what will make this night better? A box of Waffle Crisp.

Whaaat? Yes, folks...I walked in Pathmark at 3:00 in the morning in full make-up to get a box of cereal. Lol

I didn't get home til 4:15...exhausted and in need of some Jesus...hahahahaah

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