Monday, June 15, 2009


i didn't go to bed until late on friday night. my mom came home and told me that our neighbor of 20 years died. she was such a nice old lady. she had cancer. my mom was crying maybe i'm insensitive because i was like...ummm

1. she was well into her 80's/
2. she had cancer.


we are supposd to have a mother-daughter day once a month. we went to breakfast and then we saw the taking of pelham 123...awesome movie.

i came home and passed out. it was like 3pm.
i woke up at 8...
smh...i know!

i started cleaning. my apartment has been an absolute disaster!

around 9, my good friend called me.i haven't spoken to him in 6 months..we talked for 2 hours...he wants to meet young black professionals to network and stuff...i'm down. he had the wheels turning in my head for real.

good to have goal-oriented people in your life reminding you of your own goals.

went to bed at 2am


Trish said...

Mother/daughter day once a month sounds great. Good you got a chance to clean too. The weekends definitely should be pretty relaxing.

MISS BEE said...

I agree it's ALWAYS a good thing to have goal oriented ppl around you, you all can inspire each other, while learning new things.