Monday, June 29, 2009


I was supposed to had gone to church for a Women's Meeting but I had no energy to get up and go at 9am. It just wasn't happening. I woke up at 10. My niece, her cousin, and my mom's god daughter had come up Thursday night. I hadn't seen them, so I went to my mom's house to say hi. They were being shy so, I kinda left them alone.

I had a ball to judge that I had to be at 3pm. J is my gay male friend that I troll around with a lot. That night he was being a drag (literally), so I will refer to him as a she. Lol. So anyway J wanted me to do her make-up. She still had running around to do. Twin made me a sequined skirt to wear that he cut from my measurements. So, I called J at 10:30. He was up, showered and dressed. So, I told him to meet me at 11:30. He doesn't get to my house til 1! Smh

There's CP time. Then there's gay CP time...GCP is the effing worst!!!

He's routinely 1hr late all the time...annoying!

Anywhosies...we do what we have to do...we get to the ball at 3! I'm freaking out because I have to do his make-up. So...I'd already done my the moving car...with us racing down 8th ave...yes, I'm an effing professional.

But, I'm racing to get to get her face on. My hands are heart's racing. Everything goes on great. Til I get to the lashes.

Every time I go to put it on, her eyes start his eyelids are fluttering...that plus my shaking hands didn't help. I couldn't even put my own lash on. I was upset because I NEVER go out without one on. Plus, I messed up 3 pairs trying to get them on...I felt like a failure. Everyone said we both looked great so I got over it.

Mind you! We had to cut a slit in the skirt so I could walk in it! Then...the waist was too big and kept flopping down...

I was so mad! But, it looks cool in pictures.. I guess

Anyway... My time to judge was over. We're watching everything...all of a sudden...a fight to end all fights. People are stomping on other people. J is like..let's watch...I'm like...let's get out of here!

We go to get our bags. The chicks start arguing. I'm like..uh oh..let's get out of here.

As soon as we get downstairs, people start rushing out. A fight broke out where we just left.

We go, get J's car. We drive around the block and then come back to see if our friends are okay. Another freaking fight breaks out!

EMT's are there breaking up fights, directing was a MESS!

We were supposed to be at another event at 10. It was 8. We had time to kill. So, we went and had sushi dinner with J's friends who are lesbians.

I'm cool with them because I know them from the balls...but it was nothing past hi-bye..making comments about what we were watching. So, we're talking..I tell them I've been doing the balls for 4 years...blah blah blah.

The check comes. I go to the bathroom. Chick follows me. She asks me about my make-up artistry and compliments me..nice, right? Yea...She proceeds to ask me if I've ever been with a woman. I tell her, no. Then she says...Damn, you ain't no lesbian. Especially, if you've been around them for 4 years and you waint been turned out yet.

She then says...she had sex for the first time in 3 yrs last week and it was with a man. She didn't like him. She just wanted sex. She was telling me ALL her business. The whole time, she keeps saying...I just wanna eat the pussy of a girl I'm attracted to...

I couldn't see my face but I KNOW I had the Bambi

She was like, I haven't found anyone who I'm attracted to in 3 yrs that I want to have sex with...
I was like, that's unfortunate.

Her friend comes in and starts blotting her make-up. I walk out and start was she trying to say?

Anyway...we go to the show. It was amazing! My friends put on a show for pride. After the show, we all sat hanging around. Then, things got interesting...

To be continued...
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Young woman on a journey said...

first off...why do you always have that to be continued message when we are getting to the good part of your stories.

secondly, that girl was a bit bold. i mean, if you've been around for 4 years and haven't tried it, maybe you aren't interested.