Sunday, June 28, 2009

Pick Up Lines + Top Model + FB is the New Lil Black Book

(Weekend ReCap Post 1...beware long post(s) to follow...)

This "weekend" started on Thursday and felt like an epic(read: never-ending) adventure.

Friday night, I had tickets to see The Glamazons (plus-sized pop group) in concert and there was an after party. It was still all apart of full figure fashion week. I was tired but I spent $20 on the tickets and it only made sense to go. It was supposed to have started at 10:30. I got there at 10:15. I said I would stay until 12 and be tucked away in bed by 1:30. Always being on time or early sucks sometimes. Like, when concerts don't start til MIDNIGHT. I was pisssssssed but I met a girl (JSB) there that I'd befriended the night before and it made it easier as she was hilarious and had 2 big girl friends with her. When the concert finally started, the sound was horrible!!!!!

So, me and my new-found friends left and went to the after party which was at Stitch Bar and Lounge. JSB invited some guys and there was only like 2 others there. There were a bunch of women. I was trying to get everyone to dance...blah blah blah..I looked cute! Lol. I had on a white tank top with a black an white picture of 2 dogs looking at each other that said kiss and make-up with an electric blue pencil skirt. Flats and a black clutch. I got a mani...all my fingers are black, except for the ring fingers which are white. Rocker chic... the midst of all of this, I met a woman who said she loved my look but I'm too short to model. Booo! Then she looks at me again and says they have a print division and could use me for that. I gave her my card and was like USE me! I know....such a ham! Lol.

Then around showed up! Yayyyyy! Lol. I was looking at one of them all night. Since now it was 10 dudes to 40 women..he got a lot of play. Lol. I was trying to use my Jedi mind tricks to get him to talk to me to no avail. One of the girls was like talk to him!!!!! I am really shy...believe it or not. She basically pushed me so hard I almost fell...and she threatened to keep doing it until I talked to him or fell. So, I went over and talked to him. He was so cute until he ummm, opened his mouth. So, I said hello..I took his card and danced away.

His friend stops (this guy is a huge big girl party promoter) me like...heyy, did you come up for the event? I was like...I live in NYC. He was come I've never seen you at the full figure parties? I said I didn't know about them. He was like oh no, oh have to come out! Give her a flyer (to Wack Smile) and he did. I hope to see you again. I was like you will. Was he flirting or was he promoting? Hmmmm....

I was over it and it was 2:30 by then. So, me and my new friends decided to leave.

As we're leaving, more dudes come and I literally run into one of them! I'm clumsy. He looked sooo familiar to, I was like: I know you. Where are you from? I think he said Brooklyn. Then I quizzed him on all his schools from elementary...NYU...something else...I asked his name..another first and last name guy. I like that. Lol. I told him I would facebook him.

JSB pretty much took a cab with her lady friends and left me with her 2 male friends that came. One was really cute. The other put me on the "pay no mind" list and so I reciprocated. They were sweet. the one I wanted to talk to was going to Queens. The other dude was going to Brooklyn. I thought..hey we're on the same train, why not make small talk....every question I asked was met with a one-word answer. He kept walking away, pacing I was like...whatever.

I saw a girl whose lashes I was admiring at the concert. She waved and I went to talk to her. To my surprise she had a British accent. She's from London and is apart of an international make-up agency based in London but gets/gives work in Paris and New York, as well. =-O

She's moving here with her boyfriend in September. She's soooo cool and funny and nice. She said if there's something she can't take, she'll let me know and give me the work. We talked the entire 30 minutes waiting for the train and until I got off...

Everything happens for a reason...

I didn't get in my bed til 4ish...with my make-up on and a black pillow cases, lol.

To be continued.
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Mandy said...

Hi, I'm Mandy.

I hope you don't mind me stopping by. This story really caught me off guard and made me laugh.

Thank you for that :) Oh and adorable blog!