Monday, June 22, 2009

Yea so..

The last part of the night which was hilarious was the trek between SB's house and Stay.

Its like 4 blocks...4 NYC blocks which is like 1/4 of a Idk it could be. I was in 4inch heels. Bump that! I kindly went to the side and changed into my flip-flops.

As I was doing that, SB's friend, HappyDrunk was like what are you doing?

I said heels hurt.

He was like...get on my back.

Blank stare.

Get on my back, I'm not fucking around yo. I laughed.

I'm cool.

He was trying to put his arm around me and he inadvertently punched me in the face.

Hey! Hey! Sorry, next time I'll get on your back. You don't have to hit me.

He laughed. That's what we do...I'm from Queens, we hit bitches every now and then. How we show love...

And yea, this guy graduated from an Ivy League...

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Young woman on a journey said...

Lmao. Lmao. Hilariously disturbing, even on a joking level