Wednesday, June 17, 2009


So..I get random messages from people on POF as I haven't deleted my profile yet. Blame it on the alcohol? Lol. No, on female optimism that my prince will come!

I get a random message from who? None other than Mr. Aussie.

The last correspondence he and I had was this:

Not pretty.

Clearly that was before the saved days...hahahahahaha...

So, the message was actually not from was POF telling me he added me to his favorites list.


I kindly removed myself.

He sends a message "Hey you"

I saw the notification on my berry. I went to lunch. I had a decision to make...I could delete it unopened and not even have a reaction to what he said. I could read it, keep my reaction to myself and delete it after or I could read it, have a reaction and respond...that would engage us in a conversation.

I thought long and hard. My whole hour lunch.

I sat back at my desk and deleted it unopened.

There's nothing he has to say to me. Nope, not even sorry. I know he's sorry. There's nothing productive I have to say to him. Either I would be soliciting him for Or I would be cursing him AND his mama! And

I thought about what the pastor said on Sunday...everyone you sleep with, you take a piece of them with you and you with them. I think his piece in me should be regarded like my childhood memories: repressed for the greater good.
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Young woman on a journey said...

wow! that is big. i would have opened out of curiosity. that's huge! i'm proud!