Tuesday, July 14, 2009


There's so much going on....I have to write but sometimes it becomes so difficult to compartmentalize your life to the point everything is on a schedule. I never want to be THAT regimented. I probably will have to in order to not lose my mind!

Ok, so let me...explain....

Saturday was my shoot. It was 9hours...an hour and a half away from my house. It was real labor. If you ever ask yourself why a make-up artist (mua) may charge a lot, understand that this person is standing on their feet for however long the shoot is trying to figure out a way to please you and the camera while dealing with your blemishes, oily skin, or whatever comes up in a way that produces their own vision for you. All in all, I left the shoot with this thought:

"I made in 9 hours doing something I love, the exact amount I would make in 40 hours doing something I loathe."

It was just me, the model, and the photographer. So, I acted as stylist-assistant and mua. By the end of the day, I wanted to throw myself into a bed of feathers, which I did...missing a 2 bbq's where there would be BOYS!

Sunday, I went to church.

And Oh em gee!

It was amazing. The pastor preached about baptism and the symbolism behind it.
The whole process mirrors Jesus and what he went through toward the end of his life.

1. Death.
When you're in the pool alone, it symbolizes the isolation of death where your former life dies.

2. Burial
Jesus was buried in a tomb, but we are buried momentarily in water. Meaning, our former life..the things we are ashamed of are buried under water.

3. Resurrection
When we are lifted from the water, we are resurrected in a new life, side by side with Jesus. When Jesus resurrected, He had all authority over Heaven and Earth. We are also given this power through Jesus.

(there were scriptures to back this up but I don't have my notes with me)

After he preached, there were 11 people who were scheduled to be baptized. Right after them, 11 more people walked up and asked to be baptized in the clothes they wore to church. Men didn't care about the clothes. Women didn't care about their hair...they just wanted to walk with Christ.

It was an amazing experience!

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