Monday, July 27, 2009


I woke up on Sunday at 1:20pm thankful for my feet feeling halfway normal. I told ya'll I'm the beauty editor for a magazine catering to plus-sized women...we had our first photo shoot. It was amazing....

Firstly, the girl was sooo wholesome and so pretty. I made her goth. It was crazy. The 2nd girl, I made her 1940's flapper goth. Weird but cool.

I was on my feet from 3pm til 11ish. When I got home...I just wanted to amputate my feet. I'm not used to it but I'm going to have to be. The hair stylist, Liza...she's BANANAS! Her energy is crazy....she talks a mile a minute like JFS. She says she's got a shoot tomorrow (aka Monday) what's my rate. $45 an hour.

she's like: perfect. The girl will need me for 3 hours. Cool. It would be form 2 to 5. I have to be at work at 6. Really, it was great.

Everything went well. I got home and was exhausted but for some reason, I couldn't sleep. My friend on Twitter said he's looking into getting into photography. I friend him on FB. I toss and turn and eventually fall asleep.
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Trish said...

"Extra" money is always good even though it can always go towards something. I'm glad things are working out.