Thursday, July 30, 2009

It's Hotter Than the Devil's Balls Today

- has nothing to do with the post but just thought you should know.

So, BFF decided to get an abortion. I agree with her. Its a messed up situation that had she followed through with *ahem* my advice/her conviction to leave him alone in JANUARY, she wouldn't be in this predicament. Ladies, make better decisions, please! His selfishness is ridiculous. He wants a child and so he will put her in this crazy position and ask her to keep it..smh. But, when she called him to talk, he said he couldn't because he was with his girl.

Class act, isn't he?

GGi has drama of her own. Idk if I told ya'll but she slept with this dude she met off Facebook after 2 weeks. He was weird. Kept pushing her to spend all her time with him, wanted her to meet his daughter, meet his friends...yep, after 2 WEEKS! I was like:dang Gi, was the lovin good?

The 3rd week hits, and this girl pops up. She's an Aquarian and her name is Nina, too. Go figure. Nina2 tells Gi that dude is still sleeping with her, accepting her gifts and chauffeured services. After much ado, dude tells Gi he called it quits with Nina 2.

Last week, he had a bday party for his daughter. Gi didn't go. She felt weird meeting the fam, the baby mama and 'em after now, 3 weeks.
Right after that, on Tuesday, dude posts on FB that he lost his phone and the next day, he deletes his FB.


Nina2 calls Gi to ask if she heard from dude because he told her that he changed his number because he was dealing with too many women at the same time and he didn't want certain people to be able to contact him.

Wow...pulling a disappearing act after telling someone you want them to meet your whole family...awesome!

Point is: he was dealing with her and at least 3 other women since there were 2 women giving Nina2 the stank eye at the party and one of them admitted to have a fwb relationship with dude.

What in the hell? Where do people find time?

After getting dressed, half my day is goone gooone goooone...and so is my energy.

Other stuff happened. Trying to wrap my head around it. Post later...
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Trish said...

That is TOO much going on! I guess its like Jello, there's always room for more! Men can be so sick sometimes.

Young woman on a journey said... about drama.

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