Thursday, September 16, 2010

...And the beat goes on...

I'm sorry if I'm turning some of you off the blog. Things will be back to normal soon. Fingers crossed and such. Part of me needs to chronicle my symptoms...just in case I need to remember or if y'know...I really don't make it.

I got my period today. There's no burning during urination but my body temperature is really hot. My hands and feet are on fire. Small ache in the pit of my stomach. Still can't walk fast or far. I went to the city today to get some sample foundations for the fashion show tomorrow. I got denied from the important places and Sephora was being cheap with the samples so, I just said eff it.

I still have no appetite and everything I do eat comes out like bowel soup. Monday. Doctor for sure.

Every time someone mentions God, I want to cry. Its the strangest thing.

Oh yea...we had a tornado today in Brooklyn.

On my side, it was more like heavy rain, wind, thunder and lightning...I slept through half of it...oops! Lol

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