Tuesday, September 14, 2010

might don't make it

*graphic post*

I went to the bathroom today and my urine smelled funky. It smelled like my dad's urine did when we did his at home dialysis. I jumped up and my urine is burnt orange.


I'm trying to calm down. For the past 4 days, I have drank 0 water. Only orange juice. I'm just freaking out because kidney disease is hereditary and although my kidneys aren't hurting...I'm genetically dispositioned to be a walking time bomb.

Most of my cold symptoms are gone. I just have this horrible ache at the front top of my stomach that makes it hard to walk. I walk like an old woman. Every time I bend over to pick something up, I get a headache and I feel nauseous.

Then....after the last umm, tryst with TN, I have a hemmroid. Yes, just one. I looked it up. When you're not mentally prepared or used to having anal sex, your body's natural reaction is to push whatever is in there out...your partner is supposed to be gentle...ummm, yea...about that? Anyway...this lil guy popped up a few days after the thing. I got the cream a few days later because a stupid friend told me she had one and it just goes away. The internet told me differently, so anyway...I've been applying it since Friday and it seems to be shrinking. Let me tell you something...until I got the cream, TEARS every time I'd have a bowel movement. Sitting was ridiculous sometimes. I fall asleep on my back and now its like, can't sleep on my back because of that, can't sleep on my side because of the achey tummy, what the fucking fuck?!

I need a doctor. I'm falling to pieces.
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Emanuel Evans said...

Okay Ms. Nina, calm down. Your urine is that way because you have been drinking OJ only. OJ is very acidic and if you only drink OJ and no water, you get the funk and discoloring. You also will get the pain in the upper tummy. Stop drinking juice, all types for a week or two. Drink lots and lots of water everyday to flush out your system. After two weeks, you will be back to normal.

Monique said...

After anal sex, try soaking the tub with a little epsom salt. That should help with the inflammation and the swelling around the rectum. I had a friend who swore b this method when ever she did the do.

And I agree with E, get some water back into your system. You're pissing out OJ. LOL