Wednesday, September 15, 2010

and it continues...

the aches are pretty much gone except for 1 stubborn one just under my ribcage. it was gas....yay!!

but now, there is blood in my urine and it burns when i pee.

why lawd, whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy???

its probably a uti or a yeast infection. as long as its not an std....i'm cool.

also, i haven't been eating really. i ate chipotle, 2 small tacos and almost finished it all. that was the only thing i had to eat all day. today, i bought a sandwich. 2 bites and i was done. i don't know what to do on that front.

also my body is still sore from all the activity that's apart of my daily life. when i get done doing what i have to do, i'm exhausted and it's only like 12pm. my life is busy....i need my stamina.

but, jeez...if its not one thing its another.
i just want to ball up in a lil corner and cry.

i'm also done with carter. he basically has not initiated contact with me since our date. even in my lil sad state, i texted him on saturday because his grandma died and they had her funeral on that day. thoughtful, right? right. has he texted, tweeted, facebook'd or anything me to check up on me? no. he just wants to fuck. i'm done being that girl. besides, right now, clearly...i'm off sex.

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Monique said...

Awww. Sorry you're not feeling better huh. Maybe you should try a detox. Eat nothing but veggies and fruits for 3 days to cleanse your system. And definitely up the yogurt if you have a yeast infection.

Carter is bugging. Watch he pop back up in a few days like nothing happened.