Monday, September 20, 2010

walking out + moving on + being stuck

i went to the doctor today...woke up at 6:30. asked mom for the money for the appointment (a feat fighting myself to actually do that) and then got to the clinic at 8:20. It opens at 8am. I was 13th in line as a walk-in patient since their next appointment is not available until november. anywhosies...10am, i get my blood pressure and temp taken. my bp is 123/58...that seems odd to me. about 15 minutes later, another nurse calls me into her room to ask me what my symptoms are...i try to explain it to her and she cuts me off and is like...what's the main thing bothering you? i tell her the funky urine thing. she looks at my file and is have a history of urine problems...EXCUSE ME?? When you were here in March, you had 6 things wrong with your urine and the doctor gave you some heavy antibiotics. I, that's not true. I came in with stomach pains. He examined me, gave me some pills and didn't explain what the problem was...She says...well that was the problem. You young people only want to drink juice all the time and yadda yadda lecture.

It was at that point that I figured she wasn't going to listen to me and that she was probably going to tell the doctor whatever so they can move on to the next person. Then she goes...Do you have insurance? I say no.. Well, you have to pay for these services. They are not free. I *blank stare* at her for a moment in disbelief that she's talking to me like that. Then she goes, "Do you have money?" My mouth dropped...Yes. Well, go downstairs and pay and then bring your receipt. I felt that I was on an assembly line and all that they care about is clearing me off the schedule and getting my little fear so I'm not freeloading on services.

So...I walked out and didn't come back. I probably won't. That's bullshit.

Then....I come home and get a message on FB from The Nigerian:
"I apologize for the way things are going between us, it is not that it is my wish."

Firstly, he doesn't understand that things are not "going" any way between us....I'm gone. I'm flip-flopping between responding and not...leaning towards not...

I really need to find a job. I need to grind out as much as I can. I need money and benefits.
there's some other stuff going on...will post tomorrow.


Monique said...

WTF was that lady's deal? I would notify whoever her superior was and then contact the state boards. There could have been something severely wrong with you and they would not have caught it. I don't play when it comes to health and then to treat you like shit? Girl please. That whole place would be shut down by the end of the if it were me. I have too many doctors in my family to know when some shit is array. I do hope you feel better though.

Emanuel Evans said...

PLEASE go back and get yourself checked-out. Hopefully, you will get someone different. If not, speak up and tell her 1) you're not a free-loader; 2) LISTEN to your symptoms and note them correctly in your file; 3) you will pay for the services; 4) when you see the doctor, please ask him before you leave what's his diagnoses and if the meds are not antibiotics, how will they help and what are the side affects; and, 5) get the triage nurse full name and find out who she or they report to and file a complaint.

Your health is extremely important. Please go back and do the above because it sounds like you may have a utinary tract infection (UTI). If left untreated for a long time, UTIs can lead to dangerous, even fatal, complications. A UTI left untreated can cause kidney infections and you truly do not want that to happen nor do you want it left untreated for a long period of time.

My last words of advice for today, don't let ANYONE steal your happy!!!

Since kidney disease is hereditary, you probably did have a UTI when you were last at the clinic. Her ignorant ass should have informed you of that instead of telling you that you have pee issues. Dumb-ass bama! Ugh...

So, please go back and get yourself taken care of so the situation doesn't get worse.

GorgeousPuddin said...

I third everything that was said in these comments! You have to take care of you no matter what! And report that witch! She does have someone above her and she does not have a right to mistreat you money or not!

LOL!@ Dumb-ass bama! She is definitely that!