Tuesday, September 7, 2010

blog challenge day 7

Describe your perfect wedding.

Unlike a lot of women I know, I've never really thought about my wedding day. Being a makeup artist and having seen the inner workings of my fair share of weddings, let me tell you...that ish is no walk in the park.

So, my perfect wedding would be as low-key as possible. I would do a beach ceremony with maybe 5-10 guests each...only our closest friends. The ceremony would last no more than 30 minutes. I would want a prayer, the formal vows and our own written vows, a beautiful song and that's it. I said that if my dad couldn't walk me down the aisle, I don't really want to walk down an aisle. In my head, me and my bff/maid of honor and he and his best man would come from the sides and meet in the middle. We'd both be barefoot and in white. If I have hair, I want it to be big and curly and wild. Everything should be easy.

I want the reception to be kind of a big blow out but that's if we have the money for it. If not, a small reception and off we go to some tropical island for our honeymoon.

Why? Because the wedding is about us. The reception is about people genuinely happy to see each other together celebrating. I think even the reception would be no more than 100 people...tops!

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