Saturday, January 12, 2008

Absurd Shit going on in NYC

Why was the guy walking next to me chomping on a rack of baby back ribs
going down 8th and 42nd St? Sauce was all on his fingers. It was a
little disgusting and unncessary. If you're going to buy ribs, at least
try to sit and eat them.

Anything less is uncivilized.

I walked by a couple of dudes. I heard one say "Hi sexy."

I kindly kept it moving.

30 seconds later, "Yo my mans said whatup"


No explanation necessary why I kept it moving.
This reminds me of something the Photog said to me.

"Big girls don't have low self-esteem anymore. You used to be able to
say whatever you want and they were desperate for play, they'd come
anyway. Things are different now"


*shaking my head*

Hobos are funny. Not the fact that they are a hobo is funny, but what
they do to get money is a crackup. Walking down 6 Ave and W 4th Street
(New Yorkers know the are is NOTORIOUS for the underpriviliged set) a
friend I was with gave a homeless man 60cents. He exclaimed, "You're the
best. They don't come no better than you and goddamnit they never


Why the hell were these 2 women of the more ummm...full-figured set in
Duane Reade buying up whole lot of junk food. I mean cakes, cookies,
chips...all sort of craziness. At 11 o'clock at night. Frankly, I don't
give a shit what people of the chicks skipped me in
line. I mean what the fuck? To make matters worse, they used an EBT
(food stamps) card. Why the heck are you wasting government assistance
on that shit so late at night? Grrrrr...and AND it was declined. So they
wasted 10 mins loading a whole bunch of empty carbs on to the counter to
hold up the line to use a food stamp card that had nothing on it to turn
around and use another card. (*insert uplifting comment urging black
people to do better here*)



tAnYeTTa said...

I'm here by way of LH's blog!

1. Dude and the ribs?? NOT CUTE!
2. Well, I guess we should be happy the dudes didn't say **what it do ma!** I hate that! LOL
3. 60 cents to the homeless dude. *DEAD*
4. I don't even know what the say about the EBT chicks. :(

Nina said...

hahahahaha! nice to meet you, fellow aquarian!!!

LH said...

Some of the funniest shit I've ever witnessed has been courtesy of the fine shoppers at Duane Reade. LOL There've been times when I walked in there out of sheer boredom.