Thursday, January 24, 2008

Toxicity Level 8

And the succubus was taken into the office with several administators. Hearts were anxious and full of hope.

Had she slain herself with her own tongue?

There were raised voices as they gathered there for over an hour.

The flag was raised.

Medusa lives on.

She denied ever using the word. She claimed others were encouraging her to speak her grievances. Her hand was slapped. She'll make sure she's not a bad girl.

Crazy story.
Another employee (Israeli Jew) called another employee (West African) the "n" word. Twice.
He was fired. 2 weeks later, he was rehired. The West African raised sand. He was fired again.

The question was posed.....who was worse: the person who used it or the person who rehired him after knowing the reason why he was fired.

I know (Hostess) that its crazy to talk about work unless the situation has blown over or is in the past, but if someone can sit in the middle of a group of people and call one of them a name and get a "warning," I can put that shit out in the open and not give 2 shakes....


Quote of the year: To stay in a situation that you know is toxic is disrespectful to your soul.

It is apparent, I must move on professionally.

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