Monday, January 7, 2008

The Non-Spectacular Life

I've been known as a dreamer of sorts. I have big expectations out of
life and I like it that way. Why? Because the people who don't expect
good shit don't work to make that happen. If you put out negative vibes
the only thing you're gonna get back is negative shit.

Negativity positively exhausts me.

I've been through so much shit in my life and the only way that I've
held my head high is by not laying down and letting it run all over me.

Steve Harvey said that the difference between ordinary and extraordinary
He also said that people who don't want extra can sit down and they can
do just enough and their life can be ordinary. If you do a little less,
you'll have less than ordinary. That's up to you.

Yes, bitches, I choose to be EXTRA.

You don't want extra shit that's on you but don't snub me for wanting
more for myself.

Its like wtf!?! Life is so much more than what's in front of your nose.
It can be beautiful. It can be sparkly. Yes, it could be ugly and dirty.
But, the ugliness and dirt come to you automatically. Aren't you sick of

I am.

I'm so sick of people having the woe is me shit!
I'm sick of people not even fucking trying to be a little extra. A
little pinch of sugar can do a whole world of good.
I'm sick of people thinking I woke up and had this self-esteem, this
outlook on life, this knowledge of fashion and make-up, and everything.
Nothing comes to you by osmosis and everything I know I sought out that
I'm sick of people looking at me like I should apologize for my life.
I refuse to apologize for the sparkle in my eye and the switch in my
I'm sick of people CHOOSING to be unhappy.
Yes, its a fucking CHOICE. Happiness is not a one time thing. One big
thing doesn't just happen and bam, ur happy. You have to constantly
motivate yourself. Encourage yourself to be happy.


People look to others to make them happy. They look to friends, a job,
or a bank account. That's apart of the big picture. But, it starts on
the inside.

And that, ladies and gents is the crux of this ramble.

I'm tired of people who feel shitty on the inside. Why? Because its
inherent in me to make people feel better about themselves. But, that
shitty feeling spills over and sprinkles on everyone around you. Old
wench misery loves some fucking company and she's a bitch.

But as for me, I'm about living. Truly living my life. I am going to
ride this shit til the wheels fall off. So, I say....sit in your fucking
cocoon and don't try to clown me because you are COMPLACENT in your
non-spectacular life.

Lastly, I'm sick of wanting more for you than you want for yourself. And
so, I'm done.

I'm focused on myself.
This bitch is reborn.


E said...

i love this post. i agree with everything you're saying. i don't know who's tryna drag you down but it looks like you're not having a hard time keepin it movin. i know you'll make big things happen and i'm glad you can keep your head up even though there may be times when you wanna give up. my friends call me a dreamer too, but hey, you can't achieve what you dream of if you don't dream at all.

The Breaking Point said...

Wow ... tell us how you actually feel why dontcha?

People who ry to rain on another person's parade suck, BUT ... happiness is not all about PMA. Trust me on that.

tAnYeTTa said...