Sunday, January 13, 2008

Last night...

The ball was horrible. I got there at 2am. It was supposed to start at 12:30, so I calculated that into C.P. time and thought I would get there right on time. The line was down the block from the place. I took my place in the queue.

A 1/2 hour passes. WTF?

Geniuses are letting people in 5 at a time because the only way to get in is through an elevator. Thing is, there has to be at least 100 people waiting outside.

Another 1/2 passes. I am certain that if I tried to bend my big toe, it will snap clean off.

Another 1/2 hour passes, I'm trying to convince Twin to leave with me. There's an icebox where my body used to be and NINA stands on line that long for NO ONE (except Twin.) :0(

A fight breaks out. Someone got pissed off enough to try and take out one of the bouncers. Its like something from a movie. People are breaking bottles over other people's heads. Its crazy.

Then the cops show up.

I'm scared shitless. Because we all know, cops + black people = someone's gonna get hurt. Twin and I zoom outta there.

We try to get a cab and then remember we are black in Downtown Manhattan. I call a company car and get the worst driver in the fleet. By this time, after standing in the cold in 4 inch heels, my hot sexy pencil skirt, and tiny leather jacket, my knees and ankles aren't really responding the right way and I find myself screaming at the dispatcher who sent me that driver.

I regain my composure.

We drop Twin off and I make it home at 4:45 am.

I text one of my friends. Do you know fools were still trying to get in AFTER the cops showed up?

Just terr'ble.

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LH said...

Black folks will sooner wait in line to get in the club than they will to get a job. Sad but true.