Sunday, January 27, 2008

I have been told I look younger than my [almost] 22 years. Many have said that I look to be about 16 years old. I ALWAYS get carded EVERYWHERE I go.
With that said, yes! when a man of a certain age looks at me a certain way I get skeeved the hell out.

Why are you looking at someone in a less than platonic way that LOOKS to be young enough to be your grandchild?

I said that to say there's a new hire at work that gives me the creeps. He looks at me like I'm lunch. I make a point to cover my face with my hair, my boobs with a sweater or my arms, and to avoid all eye contact.

The last time I felt this way toward someone at work, that person ended up being an addict that never came to work the day after we got paid..HABITUALLY. He also bragged to others that worked with us that he cooks cocaine in his house and sells it and he was trying to enlist them in his madness.

My instincts are good.
So I'm staying the hell away.


thee modern isis said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Your post seems like I wrote it. I deal with the same thing with people telling me I look younger then what I am and also with the perverted old men drooling and smacking their gums like I'm the last chicken wing at a buffet.

lol those first insticts are usually right.. good luck girl.

Nina said...

Hey Ms. Isis. Thanks for returning the favor. Question (not just for Isis) what do you when your instincts seem muddled by other stuff?

Jenny said...

someone who gives you the chills like that you need to keep an eye on.
i know you're work situation right now isn't the best; but don't bury this feeling, definitely let someone know.

The Breaking Point said...

As others have said, it's always a good move to follow your instincts.

Regarding men, I think we have to be honest and admit that a lot of young girls present themselves as adults. It's hard to know sometimes if a girl is in her teens or mid-20s.