Sunday, January 27, 2008


And I question whether or not we were right in our decision.
And I wonder if I moved to a town where I only know him, 8 hours away
from this life that I built around me if it would work.
And I think of him every day.
And I wish that things were black and white...not just shades of gray.
And I wish the tears would fall when I beckon them.
And I wish I could hate him.
And I wish there was bitterness to drive away.
But there is frustration.
But there are questions.
But there are things only for him that I would do.
But there is so much time spent longing, loving, and living together.
But, I would walk the circumfrence of the Earth for him if I knew that
things would be ok.
But I wish they were.
But I remember when things were good.
But I know there is still love bubbling inside of both of our hearts.
But my arms still miss him.
But in the back of my mind, there is still hope.

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