Sunday, January 20, 2008

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

We lay together, a frenzy of sheets and comforters about us.
Comfortable, in our cocoon, we tangled our limbs together in a fury of
kisses and caresses. As the bitter cold of Winter lashed out on exposed
raw skin, we were the essence of heat;two warm bodies intertwined in
every way. We were a run-on sentence - fluent in our constant affection
for each other. I needed him. I loved him with my whole heart. Skin on
skin. Brown eyes looking into brown eyes. Fingers interlaced. Big spoon.
Little spoon. Back kisses. Insatiable. Our thirst for each other -
unquenchable. We thought we were so adult as we ordered pizza and
decided to spend the day together in bed, watching movies and cuddling.
We were so smug in thinking we would never be apart. We fell face-first,
head-on into a love to adult for us. It seemed so simple - loving
someone with your whole being and expecting not to be devoured.

But for that moment....I knew I loved a man and he loved me back. It was
comfortable, all-encompassing, and complete. Then end hit us like a Mack
truck. But, with all the heartbreak and disapppointment, I will remember
this day and smile. I will long to be transported back to that snapshot
in my mine. The way we were.


tAnYeTTa said...

this was so beautiful. the love that you had than a love that you never experienced in your life.

is this a true life moment??

Nina said...

Thank you...yes it is...