Thursday, January 10, 2008

Lesson Learned + Goings On

I was racking my brain trying to figure out what my tryst with the
Photog meant and what lesson I could pull from the experience and all.
I'm upset about the entire ordeal, but here's what I learned.

1. Men that make a big deal about physical perfection/requirements in
their mate are less than up to par themselves and are compensating by
finding that perfection in you. The Photog routinely asked me about my
measurements. He was meticulous about things like my legs, my waist in
comparison to my hips, the firmness of my thighs, and I just thought it
was the photographer in him that made him ask this. In all actuality, if
he'd seen me naked upon first meeting me, he would've swooned. If I'd
seen him naked upon first meeting him, I would've thrown up.

2. Go with my instincts. I met a man on Saturday and immediately felt
butterflies. The attraction was instant. Chemical, even. I forced the
butterflies with the Photog. I'll never do that again.

And, with those 2 things, I close the book on him. I am officially over

On the job front, I've been on shaky ground.
For the week of Christmas and New Year's, they cut me down to only 2
days a week and I had to hustle to make up the remaining hours. It
wasn't the most comfortable arrangement, but it was fine. They assured
us that the hours would be restored this week. Then when the schedules
went out for the week, they said that not all hours would be back. It
would be "according to errors made and skill level." They added a day to
my schedule. (But the kicker is....) they hired 3 new people. Hunh?

I was annoyed at Gi because she was complaining. I'm like stfu. You have
4 days, while I had 2. You still have 4 and I have 3. AND you make more
money than I do.

Needless to say, I am looking for another job.
While I'm still there, it is SO hard to get out the darn bed. If I can
get out of bed, its hard to get out the house. There's like a force
holding me back.

There's a ball coming up on Saturday. I'm not sure if I explained what
it was, but its basically sort of like an underground competition in the
categories of beauty, runway, and others. Usually, only gay men and
women participate. But, I'm the exception to the rule.

My category is beauty. I'm really concerned because I haven't been
sleeping well. I have bags under my eyes. I believe I'll win anyway
because if I don't, I might as well not compete.

Hopefully, it'll be fun. I think it will. I'm wearing a red sequined
shirt. Its the only place where sequins are still allowed. How can that
not be fun?
Anywho! Wish me luck!

There are some minor things going on. When they blow up more I'll post
on them.

I've added several new blogs I have to shout-out when I'm not on my
sidekick and not lazy. So look out and I'm thinking of posting my
favorite download list. Do you guys even care what music I like?

Til then...tata!


The Breaking Point said...

I think that in general, you're right about men who obsess about a woman's appearance as the Photog did. That's over the top. At the end of the day, either you're attracted to a woman or you aren't.

I think what else accounts for that, aside from the man's physical imperfection, is insecurity based on what he perceives to be his character flaws.

Nina said...

I think the sad part is, is that I cosigned and gave my measurements and doubted for a second that I would make the grade, when I should've remembered my fabulousness. Loneliness makes you do crazy things...*shakes head*

LH said...

Wow ... you're a good one. You shouldn't have given him anything. He sounds like a goofy.

Anonymous said...

Good luck on Saturday. I met a nice young man on the train who told me about the POCC ball, and it sounded really interesting.

Nina said...

Thanks InnerD...It's fun, exciting, and totally addictive. I don't talk much about it here because it will give my identity away. Maybe one day....

tAnYeTTa said...

Good luck at the ball. Can't wait to hear about it!

p.s. I am done with you after this part--**If I'd
seen him naked upon first meeting him, I would've thrown up.**


I love your blog. You are so funny!