Sunday, January 27, 2008

Ohhhh Hell Nah!

The bitch in me is rearing its ugly head.

It may be sleep-deprivation.

It may be that I just feel like being a bitch.

Anywhoo...customer service is not where it is for me anymore.

Because I'm human fucking being and I deserve RESPECT.

Aretha had that shit pegged.

Silly me? I was taught to get respect you have to give that shit.

It is not reciprocal.

I know what set me off, too.

It was Twin.
Conversation was going well.
I asked him. Should I get a puppy.

He brings up the Gypsy situation.


First of all, I think of myself as a nice hippie-chick. I'm a (Type A) free spirit who doesn't judge people for their choices ESPECIALLY my friends and I expect my friends to do the same.

With Twin, he always does that. Someone mentions something negative, he automatically comes up with some shit I did in the past. Two years ago when we met, I had the misfortune of slapping him. It was not a hard slap. It was after a few drinks and it was apart of a joke I was telling.

EVERY FREAKING TIME someone slaps someone or someone mentions some kind of he goes, talking about..yea the time Nina hit me...I already told him..let it gooooo...

He says he's not the type to let it go. But, I am the type to slap your ass again so you have something new to bring up.

I let his ass have it. We probably won't talk for a few days which probably means that he won't make my birthday dress...but I DON"T GIVE TWO YOUKNOWWHATS...

and I was trying not to cuss anymore...

If I did something to offend you and that was not my intention, I will make sure I make it up to you. If I've made a mistake in my life, as a friend, YES let me know. DO NOT KEEP THROWING SHIT IN MY FACE.

It's not funny. It's fucking hurtful.


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Jenny said...

I hate when people do that... let sleeping dogs lay... don't keep bringing it up...part of the reason i broke up with crazyc...