Tuesday, January 1, 2008

So much for drama-free...

The night air circled around my ankles as I clutched the take-out order of Chinese in my hand. I felt extra cool in my electric blue hoodie, red leather jacket, my hair cascading down my shoulders and my skinny jeans snuggly hugging my thighs.

As the black Range Rover pulled up and I heard the voice say, "May I talk to you for a minute," I thought..."What the hay?"

He hopped out of the car, tall and big. I thought of my good fortune and knew I would give him my number.

But then, he spoke. He asked me two questions.

"Where do you live?"

"What is your name?"

In that order and in that instant, I was offended and carefully declined.

"You're going to blow me off after I took the time to say hello?"

Ummmm....yes, I said, swinging my hair, jamming my hands into my pocket.

"What does he think I am?" was the only question clouding my mind as I shook my head and walked home.

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tAnYeTTa said...

What would have been an appropriate question FROM him? I'm just wondering. I have a few male friends who voice their 'nervousness' when they see a fly girl.

I have NO advice. I've been out of the dating game for so long. I just giggle at half their stories of getting cussed out and stuff. LOL