Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Dream a Lil Dream of Me

Did I tell you guys about the frog dream?

I'm kinda too lazy to check...I think I did but not in detail.

I was back in high school but my school was a subway station that was 4 floors and classes were on trains. I was there with my junior high school bf. We were trying to find some corner of privacy to make out. We kept being stalked by Aussie. At the same time, these frogs kept jumping up...out of the water. Out of the air...all around. Frogs of all colors and sizes. I wanted to take one home but was afraid.

A few nights later, I had a dream that I was in high school dating Biggie. We lived together in a dorm. I was so comfy and warm spooning with him and yes, there was some sex scenes and yes, I was on top...lol. The principal was bugging the room. It seemed like it was one night in the dream. Like, a normal night in our life together. We talked and laughed and cuddled. At the end of the dream, we woke up to shower and go to class. The last thing I remember was telling him I love you...weird.

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Just Me said...

I wonder if that is because they have been previewing "Notorious."