Friday, January 23, 2009

Things that Make You Go Hmmm

On Monday, I went to Aussie's job. He hadn't called or text me all day. He said his phone was on the fritz.

I called him from my work blackberry since my personal one was broken.

I'd left his job 5 minutes when he called my work bb. Surprised, I answered.

Who is this?


Oh, my phone works off and on.

Hmm. A light bulb went off. BFF was calling on the other line.

I told her what just happened.

"That nigga lying.."

" Yea, I know. Let me see how far he takes it."

I text him at 9am.
I called him at 2pm.

No response to either.

He called me at 8:30pm. I was going in the train station. I called him back at 9:15. No answer. 9:30. No answer.

No call back.

One word answers from me until he asks me if everything is fine.

No. Work drama...girls talking shit abt me.I'm soooo mad.

What are you gonna do abt it?

Nothing. What am I supposed to do?

LOL. Idk. I need a favor. Do you have a tv I can have or if you want I'll buy it from you.

I do have a tv. He wants to buy it for under $40. Not good. I tell him I'm not comfy with giving it to him or having him buy it from me. He wants me to go on craigslist for him. I do it begrudgingly.

Why didn't I speak to u yesterday? Did you get my calls or text?

I did but I couldn't hit u back at the moment.

Busy with?

Family business.

I text u at 9. I called at 2. All day u didn't have a free moment?

I need a new phone. My ringer doesn't work and it keep shutting off. I took it to the apple store they said water got into it and that's why it's acting up

That's not what u just said. U said u were busy. Were u busy or was ur phone broken?

I was busy and my phone was broken

Funny, your phone is working now that you're texting me.

I was busy and it was my phone. My ringer doesn't work

Ok...just sounds like we're floating back into old habits...

Forget it. It's nothing. I need a new phone so let's leave it at that

I'm over it. I said how I felt and I'm fine.

What I want to know why you have so enemies at work.

[I felt like he said that to hurt me]

Because I'm a bitch.

[Silence for 3 hours]

LOL. You not a bitch. Your just misunderstood

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JaeSpenc said...

Wowwwwww.... sounds like games. FAMILIAR games... Good luck. :)

Young woman on a journey said...

umm...i agree with jae. this dude is playing games. hell to the naw!